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Alcohol & Gambling Licensing and Compliance

Alcohol & Gambling Licensing and Compliance
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Montana’s alcoholic beverage and gambling licensing laws are notoriously complicated. At Lawlor & Co., they are our primary practice area; Michael and Jessica have more than three decades of combined expertise in alcohol and gambling licensing, having both worked for the Montana Alcoholic Beverage Control Division prior to private practice. Jessica's prior experience also includes many years with the Montana Gambling Control Division.

We work with both new license applicants and established business owners throughout Montana to help them navigate the regulatory hurdles of applications, license transfers, changes to business operations, financing and lending issues, and compliance matters.  Our clients include bars, restaurants, casinos, breweries, hotels, distilleries, state agency liquor stores, and other businesses that require licensing from Montana DOR and DOJ.  We represent business across the state, from Kalispell to Miles City, and ranging in size from small-town Montana bars to multi-national publicly-traded companies.  Please let us know how we can help you.

Business Formation, Transactions, and Contracts

Business Formation, Transactions, and Contracts

At Lawlor & Co., we can advise you about every step of a business start-up, purchase, or sale.  We will work collaboratively with you and anyone on your "team" (banker, accountant, real estate agent, and other attorneys) to help you achieve your goals.  From entity formation and structure, to drafting the deed, bills of sale, and other closing documents, we will assist you with each step in the process.


If your existing business plans a transaction or to add or remove owners, it is important that all parties understand their rights and obligations; a properly drafted contract is important to make sure the terms of the agreement are properly understood and implemented.  We can prepare, review, and explain all the documents and steps involved, to ensure a smooth transaction.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning and Probate

It is important for every person to have an estate plan, whether your assets are modest or extensive.  At Lawlor & Co., we will assist you in making the important (but sometimes difficult) decisions that will give both you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan in place.  Whether the best plan for you involves a simple Will and a Power of Attorney, or a more complicated Trust or other arrangement, we will help you understand your options and prepare the appropriate documents.


If a family member has recently passed away, Lawlor & Co. can assist you with wrapping up their affairs and distributing their assets to heirs or beneficiaries through the probate process or trust administration.

Real Estate Transactions

and Leases

Real Estate Trasactions and Leaes

If you are buying, selling, or leasing real estate - whether for business or residential purposes - we can advise you throughout the process, and review or prepare the documents you need.

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Marijuana Licensing
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